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With the canias ERP Retail Management (RTM) Module, you can manage your stores and control your business processes over one single system.

Retail Management (RTM) with canias ERP
You can easily plan all your needs such as the control of sales processes, inventory management, accounting integration, customer relationships and campaign applications.

With the canias ERP Retail Management module, you can track transactions across the system, such as store inventory and shelf management, shop demand management, transfer between the main warehouse and shops, invoices and other documents, expense receipt, store card support, bonus application, customer personal details, customer information, automatic SMS and e-mail synchronized between different systems.

The canias ERP Retail Management module increases your competitive power by allowing you to generate reports using important criteria such as products, customers, stores, time, country, city, price, cash holdings, etc. At the same time, you can compare stores with these reports and create your product portfolio and marketing strategies.

Retail Transactions
Retail sales have differences compared to other sales procedures. The canias ERP Retail Management module the Sales module and several other modules. With the canias ERP Retail module, you can manage retail sales, replacement and return transactions, enable
inventory and transfer movements, prepare the required retail sales and end-of-day reports and view your sales statistics. Flexibility
is achieved through the ability to define features on a store basis (document type, warehouse and stock place) as well as on a
cashier basis (payment conditions, type and discount key needed for transactions).

Dynamic Campaign Management
The Dynamic Campaign Management offered in this version of canias ERP can create the campaigns you want (e.g. Buy 3 pay 2, 50%
discount to 3rd product, etc.) and assure that awards, bonuses and discounts won during these campaigns are used during retail sales.
Furthermore, you can award or sell gift cards like a product and cards allow them to be used as a means of discount or payment in
shopping. Again, you can define general discount days such as father‘s day as well as discount days specific to a person such as a birthday.

Analysis and Control
Retail sales data can be dynamically split according to any specification you want (e.g. sales department, product hierarchy, customer, city, etc.) and evaluated, using the multi-report feature within the canias ERP Retail Management module. The connections between documents may then be examined across the Sales module. Therefore, the progress of the process starting with the offer, ontinuing with the delivery note, return delivery note and credit note and ending with the invoice can be followed up. With the Electronic Data Interchange module, sales data may be both imported to and exported from the canias ERP system.

Integration with other Modules
The canias ERP Retail Management module works closely with the Sales Module. Features like post- and pre-sales reports and price policies used in the Sales module can also be used for retail. Furthermore, the retail module is closely tied to all modules.









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