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The canias ERP Material Requirements Planning (MRP) module is the heart of the entire logistics chain in a company.

Material Requirements Planning (MRP) with canias ERP
The canias ERP Material Requirements Planning (MRP) module is the heart of the entire logistic chain in a company. For this reason, various types of data are transfered to this module from the canias ERP system. This integration is outlined in the graphic.

Flexible Configuration and Individual Planning Parameters
The canias ERP Material Requirements Planning (MRP) module ensures that individual material requirements planning procedures are configured. Thus, a definite and indefinite setting can be defined for the relevant requirement source and the requirement satisfying element.In the indefinite material requirements planning procedure, orders not yet confirmed can be included in planning.

The caniasERP Material Requirements Planning (MRP) module is fully deterministic and the most realistic supply chain is formed by a requirement planning with perfect timing. In addition, the atomic time unit can be a week, month or a time interval determined by the user. This feature offers users tolerance capability and enables them to reduce the error rate in plan estimates. In addition, the scheduling of plans produces realistic results using critical data such as order delivery time and production lead time.

Several order size determination methods recognized in industrial literature are available in caniasERP Material Requirements Planning.
Among order sizing methods, there are linear methods such as Exact Quantity “Lot-for-Lot,” Fixed Quantity and Maximum Stock Level as well as advanced methods such as Economic Order Quantity and Part Period Balancing.

In addition, minimum stock management is assured by defining a safety stock and reordering threshold for materials.

The caniasERP Material Requirements Planning (MRP) is quite sophisticated in terms of planning parameters. Data types fed by the planning system can be defined by the user. For example, it is possible to plan only domestic sales of a material.

Flexible Planning
The caniasERP Material Requirements Planning (MRP) module allows for replacement of similar or related materials. Therefore, instead of a single material, a group of materials can be considered in meeting requirements and enterprises can achieve savings by reducing purchase/production activity. Selection of materials that are defined as alternatives to each other is carried out taking real stock levels into account and alternatives that represent the highest quantity in the stock are selected so that the stock level is balanced. Orders that cannot be completed due to various reasons can be included in planning as required, within tolerance parameters.

Implementation of Plans
Supply plans created by caniasERP Material Requirements Planning (MRP) are converted to real documents through the caniasERP Production Planning and Control, caniasERP Purchase and caniasERP Transfer Orders modules and thus plans are implemented. The Material Requirements Planning module continues to consider implemented plans and users can instantly view the future inventory status.

Ease of Use
The caniasERP Material Requirements Planning (MRP) module works in integration with a large part of the caniasERP system. All integrated modules feed instant data for material requirements planning and thus help the material requirements planning system to always remain up to date. Due to the net change system, when a transaction affects the planning status of any material in one of the integration modules (e.g. entry of a new order, change of existing orders, change of bill of materials, change of inventory stock), the relevant material is recorded for re-planning in the Material Requirements Planning (MRP) module infrastructure. With the help of batch planning applications, these materials and their related materials are planned again and an up-todate plan status is achieved. An additional feature of the caniasERP system is the automatic batch planning execution on a periodic basis.

Focused on Future
The caniasERP Material Requirements Planning module (MRP) presents various statistical estimation models to predict requirement changes in the future. For Example, a demand estimate can be formed based on sales figures. This estimate enables decision-makers to better foresee future developments and requirements and adjust themselves accordingly. To this end, aside from simple methods such as arithmetical mean, advanced statistical methods like linear regression analysis or seasonal indexing can be used.

Optimal Structure
The caniasERP Material Requirements Planning (MRP) module offers an absolute and reliable requirement planning that always prioritizes optimization of capital obligation. Data produced can be analyzed through a wide range of evaluation capabilities. This data enables comapnies to be able to appropriately react to changes.








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