Canias ERP | Overarching Module | Knowledge Management System (KMS)

The canias ERP Knowledge Management System (KMS) module is intended to arrange the existing data within the system, to carry them to the knowledge management data warehouse and to offer inter-modular access.

Knowledge Management (KMS) with canias ERP
The canias ERP Knowledge Management System (KMS) module, aims to include tacit information such as experience, gains, etc. in the system. It offers such information in interfaces that internet users are accustomed to and encourages sharing of information and enables a much collective system.

Knowledge Explorer
This is the Knowledge Management System that is used to make searches within data included in the canias ERP system. It enables to access the required information by making a search in the knowledge management data warehouse with a single word or piece of word. It is possible to open the relevant applications of the canias ERP modules with a single click on the results.

The knowledge explorer application designed with HTML browser has a user-friendly interface that can respond to internet habits of users. The feedback mechanism which is one of the fundamentals of knowledge management is another feature of the knowledge explorer application. Users have the popular options of the day such as “like”, dislike”, “rate” or “comment“ on listed results. In the light of these feedbacks, it is possible to optimize searches and prepared statistics and reports.

Another important issue in knowledge management is to prevent loss of data. For this reason, a revision follow-up of the data in the knowledge management data warehouse is conducted. The ability to make searches for old versions of a piece of information makes it possible to utilize feedbacks of those versions.

Knowledge Encyclopedia
This application is the knowledge encyclopedia of the canias ERP system. It gathers data categorized with catalogues under a certain heading and creates articles. These articles provide all necessary information under that heading in a single frame like an encyclopedia page. Thus, it becomes possible to see the big picture instead of accessing a piece of information. For example, a material catalogue can be created and a page article can be produced for each material code. In this article, basic information about the material, production data, sales/supply data, etc. can be shown together. Since the knowledge encyclopedia is offered with a template conforming to the present ency clopedia designs like the knowledge explorer, it is an ideal path to access summarized data.



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